Ben Thompson,
Sunny North-East of England; Newcastle, The Great Isles of Britain
Newcastle University - Biomedical Sciences with Microbiology and Immunology. General science nerd.
Unhealthy obsession with All Time Low, Grey's Anatomy, Lord of the Rings.
Propagator of the truth, knowledge and Jaffa Cakes.




this is a goddamn national travesty

Jesus fucking christ, get over your goddam fandom and support a woman who is really beginning to change the perceptions of gender in this stupid society.

Oh support whoever the goddamn fuck you like jesus Christ people. There are bigger issues in the world. If I see this post one more time…

I’m sure they’re both lovely people both deserving of whatever the hell this list is/means in the bigger picture.

I have done nothing but lay in bed with my laptop playing skyrim, reblogging crap and watching youtube.

Successful night I think.


I’m surprised costuming let him wear those pants. On Disney channel. On a children’s show.

For children.

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there are over 500 types of pasta. Wow. the pastabilities are endless


I don’t know which face is more accurate

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